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What Is Holistic Financial Planning?

Holistic Financial Planning is a new phrase you might have heard. It is an all-inclusive financial planning approach.

In broader terms, holistic financial planning identifies and takes into consideration the entirety of a client’s financial situation both present and future. When the client receives holistic advice, they are able to make decisions that insure their total objectives are more realistically obtainable.  



How Holistic Financial Planning Works

All aspects of client’s finances, goals, lifestyle and ideals are brought together and analysed as a whole. This includes; the overall situation, other peripheral aspects and personal factors (such as, client’s principles).

Holistic financial planning begins with an initial fact finding stage. This stage of the process is geared towards assessing a client’s likes and dislikes, general opinions, goals both short and long term. Also during this initial fact finding stage, information such as a client’s attitude to investment risk, tax status, existing arrangements and life goals are also gathered for analysis.

This second stage is the strategy and recommendation stage, where we formulate the plan of action and recommendations. The client’s objectives and goals are presented with a focus on creating and accumulating wealth, debt management, taxation mitigation and planning, estate planning and of course risk management.

The final phase of the holistic financial planning process involves the monitoring/review process. This is a continuous and on-going function, including periodic portfolio value assessment reports, portfolio review & planning meetings and strategy sessions, where needed.

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