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Newsletter - August 2020

21-October-2020 16:34
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by Admin

Covid-19 & Waverley Court Consulting Ltd

So much has happened since our Newsletter - February 2020. It pre-dated the full impact and arrival of the Coronavirus. This has changed so much and I would expect there is more to come. This will have an effect on the real economy around us, the investment universe and has had affects within Waverley Court Consulting Ltd.


So, how have we been affected by the “topsy turvy” lock-down world? We moved to Furloughing most staff from 23rd March and through April 2020. The team in full returned to work from 1st May 2020, but working remotely. We’ve now reached a new normal where there is usually one member of the Admin Team in the office on any one day. No surprise, I’m typically in the office every day and over the entire time, there were two staff who were not Furloughed. This was myself, and as Nathan could work remotely throughout, agreed to carry on and was an exceptional help.


Meetings are now generally held either over the telephone or through Zoom Meetings (video conferencing is currently, the closest to a face-to-face meeting). This has brought the question for the future to consider; when the world changes (hopefully with the introduction of a vaccine or three). How would you like us to provide future meetings? My plan is to offer the three alternatives i.e. in person, Zoom Meeting and telephone meetings.


The remaining change is, there has been one reduction in staff numbers.


Brett Harding Is No Longer Employed Through Waverley Court Consulting Ltd

As of 14 August 2020, Brett Harding is no longer employed through Waverley Court Consulting Ltd.


It is not permissible or with our consent for Brett to contact you. If this occurs please could you contact us as he is no longer authorised or regulated through Waverley Court Consulting Ltd.


I am afraid no further details can be provided to protect Brett’s confidentiality.



Update on Our New Back Office System

This is progressing well. I suspect there may be additional requests for information, while we bring all records up to date. It is time consuming and demanding but I believe it will be worth the outcome.


I would like to thank you for your help and patience providing needed information to allow us to complete the process.


We are mid-way through but all is proceeding well, although there is much more to be completed. We have seen many efficiency improvements through this introduction and when complete will help us revolutionise the administration through Waverley Court Consulting Ltd.



Our Team

All have transitioned well to working from home, the question comes in relation to the next stage of working life? There are ongoing discussions as to what will happen when the world returns to an environment where the current travel and proximity restrictions become a past memory?


Our plan will be to offer the service to our clients which they have always experienced. This is a supportive program, focusing on your experience of professionalism, care and support but with a “heart”.


Our team’s working lifestyle has changed but we want your experience to remain as a constant. The need to be flexible and change some of our thinking has been generated by the impact of Covid-19.


I remain old school, and plan to remain office based but there will be flexibilities introduced for the team, as a whole.



Financial and Relevant Regular Emails

I’ve recently introduced, in addition to newsletters and bulletins, my emails covering current and apt topics, I felt would be of interest. These have been an email only approach as a short and targeted focus on subjects of interest as they arrived, approximately every other week.


The plan was to cover topics of interest, with an outcome focusing on my thoughts and experience to give an insight to ongoing matters, where I thought you would find the thinking of interest.


I would always appreciate your feedback on the content, length and subject matter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have not received them but would like to, please let us know and we’ll add you to the mailing list.



Wills and Powers of Attorney

We’ve found the introduction of this service to have been very positive, leading to

in-depth discussions with many to review their affairs and to ensure the terms wanted and needed are in place.


The introduction of AdviserWill, was always planned as a service, where you may not have a preferred solicitor or if a specialist service is required. The fees charges are a competitive fixed fee arrangement, so at outset you will know the total costs involved. This has been my preference and instigation as I like simplicity and clarity.


My priority is for an appropriate legal framework to be in place to form an essential “corner stone” of your financial planning. This is working well and we are pleased to confirm, the outcome experienced has been to a high standard.


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