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Company Newsletter October 2019

04-November-2019 15:59
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Darren’s Summary

You will be aware we are in the process of transitioning the business from a ‘me’, i.e Darren, to an ‘us’. We are upgrading back-office systems, upgrading our records, implementing changes in rules and regulations within financial services, while providing the highest standards of financial advice both new transactions and ongoing advice.


I can honestly say, without the help of everyone in the team, it wouldn’t be possible to run an efficient and effective financial services practice. In addition, we advise and structure your portfolio and do not outsource to third parties. If you were to ask me why, it’s all around performance, net returns and capital preservation. We have chosen to retain control, so to target and facilitate an outcome where we are confident on it becoming a reality. I believe it’s not what you say you do, but it is what you do that matters.


Our whole ethos and focus is to work as a team for your benefit. Each of us has differing skills and it is for the best placed to offer the appropriate support and help. The team is split into three core areas: admin, research and advice. If you wish to speak to someone specifically, just ask. Otherwise the best placed person will assist you depending on the need.


New Services - Wills and Powers of Attorney

We have further developed our proposition whereby, we have chosen to partner with Legal Services provided to us by AdviserWill Ltd, who specialise in Wills and Powers of Attorney.


It has been our long-term plan to ensure the calibre and cost of services of this nature are competitive and appropriate. The service is, should you wish to arrange a Will or Power of Attorney :


  • we would take the instruction from you, in turn
  • we would provide the instruction for drafting to AdviserWill
  • we can ensure the instructions are in line with your financial plan and suits your needs.
  • We are their client and so can ensure the draft received by us is checked and scrutinised before we authorise and arrange for the final draft to be sent to you for approval


We believe the price involved is very competitive and we will liaise with AdviserWill Ltd to help ensure the quality of the work completed.


So Who’s Become a Dad?

We are very pleased to tell you that, Brett has become a dad of a happy and healthy baby boy. Both baby and mother are well and now home. Brett has recently returned to work after Paternity Leave. All we would say to Brett is, life will never be the same – and enjoy every second.

Advisory Services 

Brett has been sanctioned as Competent Adviser (Stage 1). He is able to provide support and specific advice directly.


We are a team and so depending on the need, you have the benefit of support from both Darren and Brett.


The Admin and Research Team

Nathan and Melissa are starting along the path of professional qualifications. This is to help develop their skills and knowledge in their chosen areas of specialism. They will both continue to provide part of our general administrative core service and so much more beyond.


Melissa is now taking the first stage of training and development towards becoming a Paraplanner. Nathan is developing knowledge and applying a keen focus around investments, analysis and research, and associated processes.


Aneta supports the team as a whole. She is possibly the most positive person we have ever met. She is a pleasure to have as part of our team.


Linh is a full-time member of the team and is developing knowledge, application and understanding in the realm of financial services administration. She only joined at the beginning of September but is settling in well.


Beth has joined us on a temporary contract, working two days a week and is helping in several areas of the business administration. This will give her a clear insight to financial services and will prepare her well, to decide her career choices for when she completes her final year of university.


Both have dedicated time to meeting minutes, research and portfolio analysis, implementation of our back-office system - we are in the process of inputting all records and information. We aim to have this completed within early 2020.


You will now find the first point of contact is commonly Linh or Beth. This helps for you to get to know both of them, and for them to get to speak to you.


Bernadette is doing well and has recently passed the Certificate in Knowledge & Understanding for EIS via Intelligent Partnership. Her and family are all doing well.

Ongoing Investment Advice

We will discuss your views in relation to your investment portfolio, our general approach to investment themes and Environmental, Social, Governance and Sustainability.


Where we are selecting investment strategies, an organisations approach to the effect on the world is a priority to us. We don’t apply negative screening, i.e. excluding if a fund holds a specific asset type. We are more interested in positive and proactive actions to change for the better. We are happy to invest in those trying to change or wish to make a change.


We would like your input as if you are happy with our approach or if there are certain specifics you would like us to include or exclude when designing your portfolio. Please let us know your preferences.

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