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Company Newsletter - November 2017

06-February-2018 12:09
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Firstly, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy and Healthy New Year.


We are pleased to announce there are two new appointments for January 2018, Siobhan and Nathan. Once, they have had a chance to be settled within our admin team, we will follow with more details.


Admin and Angela Billingham

Angela manages and guides the administration backbone of Waverley Court.


We plan with the new additions to the team, to develop Angela’s role. We will explain more as her role metamorphosizes over the time ahead.


The plan is to keep Angela’s role challenging, interesting and with positive potential for the future. Angela will remain a key point of contact within the administration team to help.


Business and Darren Nathan

We are pleased to announce, Brett recently reached his first anniversary with Waverley Court Consulting Ltd. He has become a key team member and is heading towards passing his core qualifications. A primary qualification in becoming a qualified Independent Financial Adviser.


Brett, as his experience and qualifications grow, will be part of the advisory team providing advice in the future. This is in addition to Darren Nathan, with Darren supervising and helping in the advice and mentoring of Brett, for the future.


Our philosophy is a team based approach.


Our plan is to ensure that you as our clients are at the centre of our proposition and the team in their entirety will be there to support your needs pertaining to your financial affairs. The message is clear – we are a family – “you are our extended family and we do for you” - with this mantra key and central to our thinking.





We are pleased to announce Bernadette is pregnant and will be away on maternity leave during 2018. This is our first Waverley Court Consulting baby and we are very excited by the good news.


Bernadette plans to take her maternity early in 2018, and plans to return to us towards the end of the year. We are looking forward to a happy and healthy mum and baby, with all the celebrations of their good tidings.


Bernadette is a key support within the business and will be missed. We also have the support of Victory Planning Services, who will offer a replacement service in her absence.



Over 2017, we have strengthened the depth of support services to Waverley Court Consulting Ltd. This includes additional compliance consultants, the development and implementation of our Investment Committee, and additional back-office systems.


This is expected to lead to an online valuation system. This is so you could access your valuations through our website in 2018. Further developments are required but we are hopeful, not too far away.


If you would like a more in-depth understanding of the changes both within Financial Services and how we are positively managing the situation; and advancing our services. Please ask.









There are changes to Data Protection Regulations coming in 2018. This effects the release of confidential information rather than just general requests.


With this in mind, with additional staff joining Waverley Court Consulting Ltd in 2018; where you are asking for private and confidential information, you will be asked questions to uniquely identify you before release of information.


If there is a doubt, you will be referred to me (Darren Nathan). This is so, I can ensure your information is only ever released to appropriate persons.


In relation to these regulatory changes, there will be additional declarations sent to you, early in 2018. This is to authorise the information held and for you to confirm spouses and other third parties, you wish to allow information release on request.


Any questions, please ask me to explain further. You can email, telephone or write to me. Please make this for the attention of Darren Nathan.

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