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Pension Review Service

Do you know how much income you will receive when you retire?

You should review your pension plans regularly to avoid a shortfall on retirement and to ensure they are protected from Inheritance Tax in the event of death before and after retirement.

Ultimately, you want to know that your savings will provide you with enough income and capital once you retire. But while individuals tend to have several pension plans - provided by former employers or through their own personal pension plans - these are not always managed in the most efficient way and tend to be forgotten until they mature.

Our pension review service will help you understand the investments within your pension schemes, offer guidance on how your fund is taxed in the event that you die, both before and after your pensions are vested. Whether there is a nomination to individuals or a trust, a settlement of the policy on trust, or a letter of wishes, for example.



These issues need to be looked at carefully to ensure you have given your executors sufficient flexibility to distribute your estate, including your pension schemes, in the most tax efficient manner.

Our service involves:-

  • analysing the costs and investment performance of your pension plans
  • analysing and critically reviewing the asset allocation of the investments across all your pension plans
  • recommending how the asset allocation of your pension investments might be adjusted based on your risk profile and the number of years you have until retirement
  • projecting the value of your pensions at selected retirement dates to determine the income levels they might produce
  • establishing whether your current pension contributions are sufficient
  • reviewing whether and how your pension funds are protected from the IHT in the event of death before or after retirement.

This service may be extended to include other savings and sources of income.

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