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Savings & Protection Savings


Why are we encouraged to save money? From childhood most of us are told to put away money to save for the future - perhaps for something special? Or to be sure that when we really need something we have the money to buy it, without taking on debt?

For most of us, our general investment aims are broadly the same - to increase our wealth at least in-line with inflation, provide for current and future needs, and to protect ourselves against unexpected costs.

When planning finances, it is important to distinguish the difference between savings and investments. Savings are normally money set aside, but easily accessible.

Savings and Investments range from a current account, savings accounts, Structured Deposits, Stocks and Shares ISAs, Structured Investments, investments in collectives and unit trusts, Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), company shares – and many others.


Protection & Insurances

Assessing and prioritising these risks is difficult and choosing the right types of insurance policies to cover them in a cost-effective manner can be complex.

We can assess your needs and preferences and recommend the correct policies from the whole of the market to best meet your needs. This means finding the right type of policies with terms and conditions that fit your needs.

But insurance isn't the whole picture.  There are other financial risks which present themselves throughout our lives, our role is to help guide, coach and inform. We will prompt you to consider these and will always endeavour to recommend the most suitable course of action to help manage these risks.


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